Join Our Team at UConn!

We welcome highly passionate and self-motivated postdocs, Ph.D. students, and undergraduates to apply for research assistantship positions in our group. These openings are funded through large grants from , and leading industries     . The areas of study include

  1. Rational Design of Polymer Dielectrics
  2. Nanostructured Dielectric Materials
  3. Electrification (HVDC, Propulsion) and Sustainability
  4. Plasma Arc Physics
  5. Electroactive Materials/Devices


Postdoc Positions

      Qualifications Required:

  • Doctorate in Electrical Engineering, Material Science, Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry, or a related field.
  • Experienced in experimental or computational research.
  • Record of peer-reviewed publications that demonstrate high-quality research in related fields.

Ph.D. Positions (Electrical engineering, Material science engineering)

      Qualifications Required:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Electrical engineering, Materials Science, Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, or a closely related area.
  • Master’s degree and project experience preferred but not required.
  • Record of peer-reviewed publication(s) preferred.
  • GRE can be waived.


General Information:

  • Our research is highly multidisciplinary, principles-integrating across the fields of electrical engineering, material sciences, electronics, chemistry and physics, for transformative practical problem solving.
  • We provide a collaborative environment that fosters innovation and creativity, ideal for those aiming to make a significant impact in academia or industry. Recent graduates were offered with tenure-track or professional positions in leading academic institutions and technology companies, such as   ,                                 .


Start Dates: Positions open starting Fall 2024, with flexibility into Spring and Fall 2025.

Application Process:

  • Interested candidates should send a CV and transcripts to Dr. Yang Cao at Please include any relevant publications or projects, research statement in your application materials.

We look forward to your application and welcome you to join our team!